News Sheets 

Latest news sheet

READ June 2019
Support for parents of children with additional needs. Steve & Kate’s sabbatical. Movement & meditation sessions in Comberton.

READ May 2019
Pedal from Pippins. Community Choir in Hardwick. Easter photos.
READ April 2019
Easter in Hardwick. Alpha is coming!

READ March 2019
Alpha taster Sunday. Village community centre. Daily Bread online.
READ February 2019
Preparing for change – locally and nationally. The Lisa Kent Trust.
READ January 2019
A look back at Christmas. Tyndale House. WCCYM. Alpha course.

A selection of highlights from 2018.

READ: Gospel Choir. Easy Fundraising. Christmas in Hardwick.

READ: Higher Youth Mission – the legacy. Remembrance Day in Hardwick.

READ: Joint service at Comberton Village College.

READ: Explore an Alpha course. Children at Holy Communion. Soul Survivor.

READ: Café Church – hospital chaplain.

READ: Visit to the Philippines. Youth weekend away.

READ: Easter jigsaw.

READ: Café Church – Lisa Kent Trust. Questions God asks people.

READ: Cambourne Gospel Choir.