Steve & Kate Gaze – Co-Ministers

There is an international flavour to both Steve and Kate’s backgrounds. Steve moved at the age of 4 to Congo where his parents became missionaries. His primary and secondary school education was in Zambia and Wales, with time spent studying and working at graduate and post-graduate level in countries including England, Western Samoa, N. Africa and Niger. Kate worked in France during a gap year and spent time in Cameroun with Wycliffe Bible Translators as part of her studies in Linguistics at Reading University. Steve was also in Reading studying agricultural biology, where both he and Kate were leaders in the University Christian Union and were active in their local church. They married in 1988.

Kate pursued further studies, first on teaching English as a foreign language, then 4 years at London Bible College, gaining a degree in Theology and an MA in Biblical Interpretation. Steve meanwhile had worked for the Ministry of Agriculture then studied for his PhD in soil science. At the end of 1996, they were expecting to go overseas to work with World Vision, but found they were also expecting a Gaze junior, so were advised to stay in the UK. This brought them to Hardwick, when Steve took up a research post at Cambridge University Farm. They joined the church and started volunteering with WCCYM, making good use of their musical talents, Steve on keyboards and Kate as a singer.

Steve joined the leadership team of the church and when his research contract finished in autumn 2000 he started working for the church part-time and WCCYM part-time, taking part in the Arrow Leadership course with other developing Christian leaders. For the next ten years he worked in some combination for WCCYM, the church and music teaching, until feeling called to apply to fill the vacant minister role at the church in a job-share with Kate in 2011. In the meantime Kate had largely spent her time caring for the growing family and keeping her hand in by doing some theological research at Tyndale house, being part of the teaching team at the church and working in the background to support Steve.

Steve currently chairs the WCCYM management committee and runs Cambourne Community Gospel Choir as well as teaching piano / keyboard to students at Comberton and Cambourne Village Colleges.

Liz Wadsworth – Children and Families Worker

Hello, my name is Liz and I am delighted to have been recently appointed as the Children’s and Families’ Worker at Hardwick Evangelical Church. So what does that mean? Well, on a very basic level it means I will be working with children and their families, of all faiths and none, in the community of Hardwick.

One thing it definitely doesn’t mean is that I am an expert in parenting! I don’t think it’s even possible for one person to be an expert in all children as they are all very different. But I do believe in the old saying that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’. I never fully understood how true this was until my husband and I had one of our own! With our own parents more than two-hours’ drive away down the M25, we are so grateful for our ‘village’ of friends who help us in the raising of our young son. Some give practical help and others give moral support. They share our joys and our frustrations, and we all share the load.

This is how I see my role as a Children’s and Families’ Worker. I hope to get involved with and contribute to the community of Hardwick village, but also for me and the church to become a part of your own personal ‘village’: coming alongside you and your families, offering practical and moral support, sharing in the fun and chaos of family life in all its glory and messiness.

I’m looking forward to the adventure – I hope you’ll join me on it!

Liz Wadsworth