On Sundays (in non-Covid times)

Sunday Mornings, 10.30am

Our church service starts with everyone together in the main school hall, with songs, prayers and some form of Bible reading or story. The first part of the service is pretty informal – it’s difficult not to be when there are young children involved, and we welcome them.  Most Sundays we then break into separate groups for children and adults where we can explore the same theme in age-appropriate ways. There is also a creche area for parents with young children.  About once a month, usually on the 3rd Sunday, we have an “all-age” service, where we worship and learn all together and don’t break into separate age groups. We have Communion on the 1st and 3rd Sundays. Drinks and biscuits are served after the service, so there is plenty of time to meet and chat with people. 

Presence, 7.30pm (ish)

Presence is an evening service we run roughly every two months. It is an opportunity to worship God together with space to listen to what he is saying to us. We don’t have a sermon or talk during this service but we do encourage the sharing of what God lays on our hearts, whether this be a scripture, a word of encouragement, a prophesy or something else.  

Café Church

Once a term, instead of our usual morning service, we host “café church”.  The hall is laid out like a café, with a serving counter for drinks and pastries, and tables to sit around. Alongside time to chat with friends, or make new friends, there is a guest speaker who will share something of their life story and how their faith is worked out in everyday life or work. There is also an informal table quiz, opportunity for questions and discussion, and some time for quiet reflection / prayer. There is a children’s area with toys and colouring activities. A suggested donation of £1 towards the cost of the refreshments and pastries is gratefully received.