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1 Samuel


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1 Samuel 1.1-2.11: Samuel promised. God raises the lowly.

1 Samuel 2.12-3.21: Eli’s family falls. Samuel called to replace them.

1 Samuel 4. God’s reputation is destroyed when the Ark of God is captured in battle.

1 Samuel 5.1 – 7.1. God shows his power. The Philistines return the Ark of God.

1 Samuel 7.2 – 17. Supernatural help from God; on Pentecost Sunday we found similarities between 1 Samuel 7 and Acts 2.

1 Samuel 8. Why is it worse to have a king than a prophet?

We were blessed by Nigerian scholar Revd. Dr. Cephas Tushima, a professor at ECWA Theological Seminary, Jos, Nigeria. He is a specialist in the politics of the time of Samuel. Due to an error the talk was not recorded. However Dr Tushima has allowed us to make his sermon notes available.