Our Mission Links

Rehoboth Children’s Home Trust, Philippines

Rehoboth Children’s Home was set up in 1981 to provide a home and education in a Christian environment for children from very poor backgrounds. Some of the children have parents who cannot afford to support them and others are orphans or have been abandoned.

Rehoboth is situated in Santa Maria, on the northern island of Luzon and cares for between 30 and 40 residents at the Children’s Home at any one time. The children are a mix of boys and girls and range from ages of 4 years old to 21 years old. The girls and boys live in separate houses. Rehoboth employs 11 staff and 2 full-time volunteers, with Amy Tuquero as the Executive Director. International volunteers also work at the home and it is supported by a Board of Directors in the Philippines, the Rehoboth Children’s Homes Trust in the United Kingdom, and a number of local and international Networks and Partners. Several church members have also visited the home.

In 2008 a non-residential support programme REAP (Rehoboth Educational Assistance Programme) was established to provide educational assistance for local families who are unable to send their children to school or college for financial reasons.

We also support Kathryn Thompson who works as a volunteer at the home.


Together with other local churches, we support the work of West Cambridge Christian Youth Ministries (WCCYM). WCCYM have been working with young people in villages west of Cambridge since 1992. There’s loads going on; youth services, socials, courses, residentials… work in schools, churches and the community. Our young people take part in a number of WCCYM activities.

CAM International

CAM International is an independent Pentecostal Mission and has been involved in missions in the centre of Africa for nearly 100 years, delivering the Christian message in both word and action, through schools, churches, hospitals, street children, radio and television or other areas of ministry.

As a church we support the work of doctors based in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where CAM has operated since 1 September 1915 and is involved in medical and other ministries. Lwamba Hospital was pioneered by Roy and Marion Leeming in 1988 and built by Paul Stephenson and his team. Although responsibility for the hospital has now passed to the Pentecostal Church of Congo, CAM is still involved, and accepts donations for the hospital and doctors. 

Lisa Kent Trust

The Lisa Kent Trust is a charitable organisation which helps to provide the children of the Gambia with an education. The Trust established charitable status in 2003 continuing projects already underway from 2002. The Trust is also a registered charity in the Gambia, named after Lisa Kent, who died tragically at the age of 19.

The Trust built and operates the Lisa Kent Memorial Nursery school, which was then rebuilt on a new site and renamed the Lisa Kent Friendship Nursery School, for Christian and Muslim children aged 3-7 years old in a village in the south Kombo area of the Gambia. The Trust also set up a sponsorship programme for the children in most need, which has now been extended to other schools.

The Lisa Kent Trust then built the Meridian Nursery and Lower Basic school at Busumbala, a remote area of the Gambia, where there wasn’t a school.

The Trust also established a Medical Fund following a visit by volunteer Sally Gadsby.

Christian Motorcyclists’ Association

The Christian Motorcyclists’ Association UK began in 1983, known as CMA (UK) for short. They are part of CMA international with clubs throughout the UK and Europe linked to help and encourage each other in sharing the Gospel.

On the 26th of May 2000 the Christian Motorcyclists’ Association UK became a UK registered charity.

In June 2007 the “CMA UK” in partnership with the “UK Bible Society” and “Bibles For The Nations” produced a pocket-sized Biker Bible. It was launched in June 2007 at the Centenary Isle of Man TT, and in one day alone 393 bibles were taken.

Between then and December 2010, 42,000 Biker Bibles have been requested by bikers at shows, rallies, race circuits and personal conversations etc. And has opened up new avenues of reaching bikers and their families with the Love of God.

Many churches and individuals have sponsored the printing of a Biker Bible at a cost of £2.00 per copy.


GENR8 is a local mission organisation that reaches out to primary school aged children, to give children a positive image of Jesus and the Christian faith. They do this by supporting primary schools and by supporting churches working with primary schools and children.

GenR8 became a registered charity in March 2010.

School assembly presentations are the core of GenR8’s work and in a typical term GenR8 presents to over 30,000 children (over 100 primary schools). GenR8 runs events and activities for children in partnership with local churches, primary schools and other organisations. Their events and activities include: school assemblies, chaplaincy, Cool Choices (an interactive session aimed at year 6 students to help them make positive life choices) Inspire prayer spaces, It’s Your Move (for year 6 students about to make the transition to secondary school) and RE Days.