What We Believe


Core beliefs 

We are an “evangelical” church. The word “evangelical” generally refers to a promotion of traditional Christian beliefs such as the inspiration of the Bible and the centrality of the cross. A useful summary of our core beliefs is published by the Evangelical Alliance. 

The beliefs of evangelical Christians are the same as those of all other traditional Christians from mainstream denominations, with an emphasis on a reasoned defence of those beliefs. We spent some time thinking through what it means to be called an “evangelical” church, and you can hear a series of four talks plus see some written resources on the ABCD Evangelical page.

More about the term “evangelical” 

“Evangelical Christianity” was a term promoted by Billy Graham (among others) to represent Christians from all denominations who affirmed the “fundamentals” of the faith and defended them by means of scholarship.

The origin of the movement is often traced to a series of 90 articles published as The Fundamentals (ed. R.A.Torrey). They dealt with many traditional church teachings which had been questioned by historians and theologians. They set a new direction by replying to criticism through scholarship.

Many of these articles concerned the historical reliability of the Bible. This is reflected in the fact that most “evangelical” churches regard the Bible as the basis of their faith.

Evangelical churches also tend to be “evangelistic” – i.e. they are keen to share their faith.