A place for Bible study and prayer, friendship and practical support, we have groups meeting in the daytime and evenings during the week. Sometimes all the housegroups follow the same theme, on other occasions each housegroup might follow a more bespoke gathering that best suits the needs of the group and wider congregation at that time. Please speak with someone on the Church Leadership team if you want more information about how our housegroups are currently operating.


Presence is an evening service we run roughly every two months. It is an opportunity to worship God together with space to listen to what he is saying to us. We don’t have a sermon or talk during this service but we do encourage the sharing of what God lays on our hearts, whether this be a scripture, a word of encouragement, a prophesy or something else.


We aim to run the Alpha course twice a year – once in the summer term and again in the autumn. Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith that looks at a different question around faith each week and is designed to create conversation. For more information about Alpha visit

We meet at a house in the village for the 10 weeks that the course runs. The evening starts with food – sometimes a meal, sometimes cake and coffee, followed by a video session from the Alpha film series. We then spend the rest of the evening discussing what we’ve seen and answering any questions brought up by the group.

There is no pressure, no obligation, no charge and no follow up with Alpha. If you come and figure out it’s not for you – no problem.

The next Alpha course begins on Wednesday 24th April. To sign up please email